Building Services

This encompasses works such as the taking down of partition walls, making holes in walls and in lintels, laying laminate floors and hardwood floors, putting up partition walls made from plasterboard  plastering, laying and leveling of floors, lowering ceiling height, installing false ceilings, masking all sorts of holes and creating niches in the walls and the tiling of walls and floors.
   Once you have decided to improve,maintain or develop your property,preparing a detailed budget incorporating the level of specification you require is the next step. This will start you on the right road to having your build completed successfully, on time and on budget. As general builders we can't stress enough that a project started correctly, is far more likely to be completed in the same manner.
   We can supply you with accurate and realistic costings and specifications to help you to reach the goal you have set for your property, both in styling and function.Our close working relationships with established architects, designers, subcontractors and also suppliers will guarantee to bring the highest quality construction and finish available within budget. If you have been dreaming of that new extension, loft conversion, kitchen, bathroom or a whole new build, we can be trusted to bring that dream to reality, with the maximum amount of care and professionalism. Please contact us to prepare a quote for you and to help you optimist the the potential of your ideas, and bring your vision to life.